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Image SINGAPORE'S April 2010 industrial production data expanded strongly by 51% year on year and 31% year on year excluding bio-medical.

What is more interesting to me is the breakdown of the electronics segment because this sector has a strong weighting in my Stock Picks at about 50%. Looking into the data close I note the following:

a) the electronics sector grew 60% year on year in April 2010.

b) within the electronics segment - semi-conductor equipment expanded by 98.7% - this strong growth is consistent with the strong profit of some tech companies exposed to the semi-conductor equipment segment. 

NRA Capital's forecast of Hisaka's performance.

Two recent inclusions in my Stock Picks which are in the semi-conductor equipment market are ASTI and Hisaka - they both delivered very strong Q1-2010 and H1-2010 results. 

Other stocks/companies which have exposure in this sector which we cover or have visited recently include MIT and UMS. 

All have confirmed very strong orders into Q2-2010 and are expecting a good 2010 - with visibility up to the end of the year.

c) the next strong growth section in the electronics is component and modules - which grew 34.1% in April 2010.

This data reinforces my view that semi-conductor equipment companies are likely to surprise on the upside in terms of earnings for 2010 and are also on low PER valuations.  The current market weakness/correction provides a good buying opportunity into the sector for those prepared to take a six-month view.

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