StockBuyerTransaction dateNo. of shares bought/soldPriceShareholding
Saizen REITCube Capital
24 Sept 1,000,000Not avail47.8 m (5.04%, deemed interest)
OsimCapital Group Companies23 Feb-16 Sept(2.24 m)Not avail.28.8 m (4.35%)
Reyoung Pharmaceutical
Company share buyback 24 Sept 100,000 23 cts 

Saizen REIT:
Cube Capital Limited (CCL)- controlled Cube Asia Real Estate Securities Fund ("CARE") previously owned 1,301,500 Saizen units and 1,286,500 Saizen warrants which are held on CARE's behalf by its depository agent Citibank Nominees Singapore.

CARE added to its Saizen position by purchasing:
* 1,000,000 Saizen warrants on 13 July 2009 and
* 100,000 Saizen units on 14 September 2009;
* 1,000,000 Saizen units on 15 September 2009;
* 600,000 Saizen units on 23 September 2009;
* 1,000,000 Saizen units on 24 September 2009.

Based on the above acquisitions, CARE presently owns 2,286,500 Saizen warrants and 4,001,500 Saizen units.
Saizen owns apartment buildings such as this one which it rents out to Japanese residents. Photo: Saizen

CCL presently does not own any Saizen warrants and Saizen Units.

CCL-controlled Cube Asia Fund ("CAF") presently owns 21,530,009 Saizen warrants and 43,830,018 Saizen units. The above-mentioned units and warrants are held on CAF's behalf by its depository bank Fortis and Fortis holds the said position through its sub-custodian agent HSBC.

Based on the sum total holding of CARE and CAF, CCL indirectly owns 47,831,518 Saizen units and 23,816,509 Saizen warrants.

Prior to CARE purchasing 1,000,000 Saizen units on 24 September 2009 (as noted above), CCL only owned 46,831,518 Saizen units (the sum total of the holding of CARE and CAF in Saizen). This is equivalent to 4.934% of Saizen total issued share capital.

However, on 24 September 2009, CARE purchased 1,000,000 Saizen units in the market and increased its holding in Saizen from 4.934% to 5.039%.  

Osim: The stock had a fantastic run-up in price this year from 5 cents in early March to 55 cents in
July. The stock closed at 45 cents yesterday.

Turns out that during the sharp ascent of the stock, The Capital Group has been selling its stake!

Osim reported a 22% rise in sales in Q2 this year to $117 million. Net profit soared 56% to $5 million.

Reyoung Pharmaceutical:
The company has started its buyback programme but the buying has been anything but relentless. So far, it’s just 110,000 shares.

However, it’s noteworthy that Honco Union, the investment vehicle of the chairman, has recently bought 3.13 million shares.

Reyoung is an
S-chip, and it manufactures pharmaceutical products and personal hygiene products. It trades at a historical PE of 10X and a market cap of $78 million.

For the first half of this year, its revenue rose rose 7.9% but its net profit fell 12.4% to RMB23.1 million.


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