thumbs up"My stock picks are mainly my own. I don't take recommendations or tips. I do my own research and analysis. I am a long term investor. As a norm, when I take up a position in a stock, I will hold until it reaches its fair or full value."

-- Joseph Yeo

Joseph Yeo is a familiar name to NextInsight readers, as he posts regularly in the forum section -- and has, by now, achieved some following because his stock calls have been oh so great in a number of instances.

In , we highlighted Joseph's picks towards the end of 2013.

Given the long period of time (about three and a half years) that has passed, we thought it interesting to work out how much the stocks have gained, including dividends. 

For simplicity, we assume the stocks are still held by the investor, so the results are as follows, which is nothing short of fantastic (except for a loss): 

21 Dec 

9 June 2017

Dividend (since 21 Dec 2013)*

Total % gain (loss)


44.5 c

66 c

12 c


Federal International

28 c

41.5 c

3.5 c


Global Invacom

24.5 c

14.8 c

1.25 c


Sunningdale Technology

69.5 c


18.5 c



22.3 c**

86.5 c

10 c


* adjusted for share consolidation, where applicable
** adjusted for 1-for-10 bonus issue

Stock-picking skills are not achieved overnight and, not surprisingly, as we found out from him, Joseph is a full-time investor for some 20 years already. 

He retired early from a senior management post in a regional company.

And how does he go about deciding what stocks to invest in? "My stock picks are mainly my own. I don't take recommendations or tips. I do my own research and analysis," he said in an email reply back in 2013. (See: 

"My orientation is towards the company/business with emphasis on value. I concentrate on turnaround or under-valued companies or companies with potential high future growth."

You would know that such picks can be tricky as the "turnaround" companies may not be able to sustain the turnaround momentum -- or the "undervalued" stocks remain undiscovered by the market or prove that their "undervaluation" was a mirage. 

This may be illustrated by three stock calls of Joseph -- Lottvision, Star Pharmaceutical and Penguin International -- which have each lost about 50%. And, like many of his calls, they are highly illiquid.

On the other hand, a 2016 call, Sinostar Pec, has shot up 103%. (See table).

Also in the table are two calls (JEP and ISEC) which are very recent and have yet to show their full colours.

(Publication date)

Price on publication date *

9 June 2017


Total % gain (loss)

Lottvision (30 Nov 2014) – now known as NutryFarm

40 c

20 c



Star Pharmaceutical 
(13 Dec 2014)

32.5 c

19.0 c



Penguin International 
(13 Apr 2015)

 61.5 c

 25.5 c

 5.25 c


Sinostar Pec
(8 Dec 2016 )

11.8 c

23.5 c

0.5 c


JEP Holdings
(4 Apr 2017)

2.8 c

2.8 c

0.03 c


ISEC Healthcare
(30 May 2017)

32 c

34.5 c



* adjusted for share consolidation, where applicable


Picks gained 71% on average!

For simplicity, assume equal dollar allocation for each stock -- Joseph's 14 stock picks (as mentioned on this page) have returned a whopping 71% gain on average. Extraordinary!

Then there are Chasen (+228%), Ezion (+40%) and Mermaid Maritime (+95%), which Joseph specifically posted that he had made gains and pared down his stakes. See thread.

Whatever the gains and losses to date, Joseph's stock picks could reverse their performance, or continue on their trajectory. Indeed, stock prices don't stay still for long. 

For what Joseph posted on all the above stocks, type in the stock name in the Search box at the top right hand corner of this page.

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#1 Tencent 2017-06-11 22:41
STAR PHARMACEUTICAL should be a positive outcome for investors who enter at this current level. Market cap only S$9 million on share price of 19 cents. It's a net cash business holding about S$12+ million!

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