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#14 $$ 2013-01-11 18:06
Dear bellboy: You sound vested in, and v confident of a very high stock price fair value for Sino Grandness. May we know what yout 'target' price is? thanks
#13 bellboy 2013-01-11 12:06
Once Garden Fresh is listed in HK and fetches a PE of 15 times, say, the real worth of the company will be revealed.
It seems that Graden Fresh has succeded in its branding, and is reaping good margin from rising quarterly sales.
#12 $$ 2013-01-11 10:10
Sino Grandness is making my day. Only 3X PE still, can go up to 6X! Why only 6X -- why not 12X for such a high growth business? At 12x, the stock would be nearly S$3.00. OMG..... Will the impossible happen?
#11 cheongwee 2013-01-11 08:31
EZION is a fantastic stock, unfortunately i bought only 50 lots.

Since,i bought last yr at 93.5, it have yet go down to trigger last railing stop, still holding.

I guess i will leave it for mkt to stop me out.

Congra to those who bought this.

But it still an inch compare to my penny which I profited a few hundred %.

At least, it is the longest in my hodling, and have yet to trigger trailing stop.

Fantastic in this sense,
#10 cheongwee 2013-01-11 08:17
For mkt to crash , it most likely hit a high, and for it bottom, it most likely come a crash.

U say, i m 70% profit now, n happy, what happen in a crash, stock can go down 70% to 80%, u go check yourself.

So if u bought 1.0, now it is 1.7, in a crash weeks from now let say it gone down 50%, the px now is 0.85, u are now in the red.Sp pls dont be too happy, thus i said only when the number is in your bank acc, and not CDP acc, then you can call that profit or gain.

I believe we will see one more crash to a new supa low, before we began a truely new long bull rally.

We are still in a secular bear mkt, honestly, nothing is solve, just kicking the can down the road. Wnen that day come, the can get heavy, they cannot kick anymore, that is the day of reckoning have arrived. Only when thing is left to it own, and every debt is written off by default of what ever means, only then can we begin a new phase.

That day will be soon, I think a few Q away,

Learn to short, soon it will be profitable, not long.

May all prosper.
#9 cheongwee 2013-01-11 07:48
Those who hold qingmei. Now 2 choices.
I believe it is going to report very bad result in Feb.
So either you sell now believeing mkt will sell down when the result is out.
Or you stay believing that BB will come to play this one irrespective of their result.

For me, I m staying, why, gut feeling no fundamental reason, and also it has report bad result since last year, so it may face down pressure for awhile maybe. I think the px have already px in the bad result from last Q.

And, if you have resource, take a look at SWING MEDIA, YING LI , YANLORD, DUKANG,ARMADA, CHINA PAPER, HANKORE,IEV,

My ASTI have sore, Armstrong, sunningtech, AEM, Addvalue, Amtek, and afew more.

Dont be overconfident, and never happy with a 70% or 100% gain, because a crash will easily erase it in weeks.

And if you are not making at least 2 to 3 hundred %, it is a waste of this rally.
Buy, sell and rotate, not buy hold.

Going forward, 2013 later half and 2014 will be bearish. Buy and hold will not longer work.if you look at chart.My opinion.

I believe the debt ceiling are just another wayang, and euro are now safe till next half, or if not ME or any thing, rally shd be till middle of this yr.

So very likely there will be another 2007, where taxi driver also can anyhow buy and make money, no need to see chart.

If that day come, buy with all your might and sell , dont be greedy will see us prosper.

I think mine post is too long for comfort.

May u be well and propser.
#8 %% 2013-01-11 05:37
In tis rally, there are still a number of good counters that have not made major % moves. Who do you like? Me -- my short list is TREK 2000, SAMKO TIMBER, STRACO, BEST WORLD, TECHCOMP, WORLD PRECISION.
#7 Tan 2013-01-10 13:13
Any comments or target price for Triyards ?
#6 $$ 2013-01-10 12:24
Sino Grandness fans, Ethan and all. We are feeling grand. And top of the world. Now that the stock has crossed 70 cents.
#5 Joes 2013-01-10 11:23
Geo Energy Resources at \\ 63 cents???? Cornered stock?
#4 Teu 2013-01-10 10:11
Isn't Midas grossly overpriced at 51 cents? I thought it should come down to 40 cents !
#3 Daisy 2013-01-10 04:29
Thank you Admin. Long time no posts in the forum -- glad to see favourites such as MIDAS, ERATAT, have done very well in this rally. I am what you guys think of the quite ones which have strong fundamentals --like Straco and Jaya Holdings?
#2 Admin 2013-01-10 04:21
Dear D'Souza: thank you!
Dear Peter: We have to close the forum section for the time being while we upgrade its security features in order to prevent malicious scripts from being inserted again. In due course, the forum section will be opened. Pls bear with us for a little longer.
#1 DSouza 2013-01-10 03:38
I am very happy your website working again.It is an interesting website. I visit it about three times a day. Good job

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