Lotustpsll, who contributed this article to NextInsight, worked 32 years with a global banking group before he retired. He is vested in Tawana Resources.

The share price of Singapore listco Alliance Mineral Assets Limited (AMAL) dropped -- from 28.5 c to 25 c -- in the past week, probably due to reasons unrelated to the strong fundamentals of its business.

AMA plt1.17These very same fundamentals have buoyed the share price -- unchanged at 23 c -- of its 50-50 JV partner in the Bald Hill project, Australia listco Tawana Resources.

Baldhill Project

Comparative Analysis - TAWANA vs AMAL




Current Price                       

AUD 23c

SGD 25c

AUD/SGD 1.07   AUD 23.4 c

Issued Capital

442 m

481 m

Options (exercise price 35 – 30 AUD cts)



> 50%

Balance Sheet

net cash

net cash





Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young

Here are several key investing points: 

 Crucial environmental permit obtained for Baldhill project

♦ Estimated Free Cash Flow (FCF) yield reflects a huge cash generative business model.

Estimate reserve for Baldhill > 10 years

Expect solid dividend pay-outs from both companies.

For AMAL, FCF may flow straight through (leading to high dividend payouts) as Bald Hill is the only project in its business.

pstan3.17"Based on projected EBITDA and FCF, the investing case for both AMAL and Tawana (at current prices) is strong."
-- Lotustpsll (photo)

A portion of the FCF, however, may be retained at TAWANA for capex purposes for its other projects.

TAWANA also owns 100% of the Cowan project, hence it has a longer reserve life for its lithium deposits.

When the Bald Hill project takes off, there will be keen interest in the Cowan project which is sited close by.

The operating cost for the Cowan project could be low (land adjoining Baldhill) – given its access to Bald Hill’s plants.



EBITDA per share






FCF per share



FCF Yield

39.9 %

38.5 %

# EBITDA per share



# Price/EBITDA



# FCF Yield


26.9 %


Projections (in AUD) report by Canaccord Genuity on 26 July 2017: Annual EBITDA AUD 96m, FCF AUD 87m.

#  Sensitivity Analysis – assume 70% estimate compliance. The numbers still provide a credible investing thesis for both AMAL and Tawana. 

For Tawana, assume full conversion of share options.

Significant institutional holding > 50% for TAW.  Directors hold about 6%.

TAW recently did a share placement at AUD 25 c. Its s
hare price will re-rate as more significant milestones are reached.

The first production shipment for Bald Hill project is expected in 1Q18. Volume of output should be comparable to Galaxy Resources’ Mt Cattlin project.

Risk to projections – projection errors, failure of Burwill to honour off-take contract, downturn in the market price of lithium, etc.

Lithium industry – Strengthening tailwinds with more countries joining in to reduce carbon footprint.

Conclusion – Based on projected EBITDA and FCF, the investing case for both AMAL and Tawana (at current prices) is strong. 

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+1 #3 Yes!!! 2017-08-24 20:16
So now collect the most suitable ! :lol:
+1 #2 Gal 2017-08-23 10:20
Alliance Mineral Assets could be worth 50-60 cents by the time the production &/or shipment starts. Investors should know that the current price of 25.5 cents is "artificial" in that the broking houses have continued to impose trading curbs on the stock (without good reason, imho).

The speculative froth is long gone and the fundamentals of AMA have grown stronger -- look at the offtake agreement achieved with very high selling price, and the Pre-Feasibility Studies showing potential for tremendous cashflow from the mine.

When the brokers come to their senses (they are losing lots of commissions from the low trading volume ) and lift their curbs, the stock price should reflate to a higher (and fairer) value.
#1 Good man 2017-08-21 20:23
Do you think the price of alliance mineral will be worth?

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