Terence Wong

My Model Portfolio was flat for the week.

Offshore marine plays Nam Cheong and Ezion fell hard over the week, but the portfolio was saved by strong runs by OSIM and Elite KSB.

The latter surged by over 10% last Thursday after announcing that the deal to buy over its core business went through (what I have been betting on for the past five months).

I walked away with 43% gains after selling all 400,000 shares at S$0.595 apiece.

Year-to-date, the portfolio is up 50.5%, more than doubling STI's 14.9% and FSTS' 22.0%.

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#2 OpenX 2012-11-11 14:10
Illiquid? Which stocks??? These are stocks that trade at reasonably vol almost daily and you could buy or sell with relative ease. The exception is Elite KSB. I think the Terence guy was buying ahead of the completion of the transaction/sal e of assets.
#1 coverup 2012-11-10 07:51
Hi, I think some of these stocks are so illiquid that SGD 1 million split many ways will just cause the purchase price to be much higher than state here.

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