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Midas secured RMB 3.13 billion + 1.4billion + 860 million contract

These contracts secured in the last few months will contribute record revenues and profit from 2013 onwards ... so early next year or now .. we should start accumulating
Buy when nobody is buying yet .
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As such, these two contracts are therefore expected to have a positive impact on the Group’s financial results for the financial years ending 2013 to 2015
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“The Kunming Metro project also marks the Group’s foray into Kunming, one of the largest cities in China without an existing metro system. We remain positive about the market opportunities for metro systems in China as cities turn to metro systems to meet its public transportation needs. Moving forward, we will continue to seek new opportunities to strengthen our market position,” Mr Chew added. The two contracts are expected to contribute positively to the Group’s financials between the financial years ending December 31, 2011 to 2013.
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Midas is another of those stocks that had a great time but it's in deep pain now, after that train crash a couple of months back. They are still not over the hill yet -- lots of challenges ahead as investigations are not concluded.

Midas' 3Q11 results was released after giving a profit warning. Net profit tumbled 60%. I think the worst is not over yet, so even if the current price level holds the stock is likely to lag behind the market in a recovery. Just my 2 yuan's worth.
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actually if you study more in depth .. MIDAS main core business is supplying to the METRO lines in China's cities . And only with about 20 cities out of over 200 cities in China having METRO lines now . I believe the future is still very bright . And by no means their tracks are short . Easily expanding in hundreds of kilometres each time .
Even in a tiny Singapore , look at how our MRT lines had progressed over this decade .
From North south line and East west line then to North east line and then to circle line and then to downtown line .... more and more trains are needed each year .
 good price to accumualte . That RMB 3.13 billion contract itself is the biggest so far in it's history . If in 2007 , MIDAS can shoot up to about $2.30 . Then another record revenue should be a good enough reason for it to regain it's former glory and share price .
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12 years 6 months ago #7820 by ZEN
i think we have to thank the EUROZONE crisis and that freak train accident to allow us to be able to buy MIDAS at this cheap rock bottom price .
If you missed out on its previous rally . Now opportunity is presenting itself again for you . Don't miss it !
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