Cockroaches may become a reduced pest risk in rubbish dumps and food centres if a novel pesticide is widely applied, leading to a big recurring revenue contribution for ISOTeam.

The product has undergone and passed the National Environment Agency’s (“NEA”) stringent criteria, said Catalist-listed ISOTeam.

These included more than two years of testing under both physical and laboratory conditions, and has received the green light for commercial use and sale, according to ISOTeam.

cno foggingThe CnO Remover™ does not cause a flushing effect where cockroaches are expelled from hiding en masse into homes. It has 90% ready biodegradability at 28 days and can be naturally broken down by environmental bacteria, said ISOTeam.


ISOTeam stock 

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52-week range

10.1 – 14.8 cts

Market cap

S$47 m

PE (trailing)


Dividend yield (trailing)


1-year return


Shares outstanding

348.4 m

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Its wholly-owned subsidiary, ISOTeam Green Solutions Pte Ltd, has launched a "ground-breaking chemical-free plant-based pesticide" called CnO Remover™.

Developed by a partner of ISOTeam, the product is suitable for closed bin-chute systems and targets cockroach infestations while at the same time neutralising unpleasant odours by reducing methane accumulation.

Made mainly from edible plant oils, the non-toxic and environmentally friendly product has shown positive results in the 4-week field trial conducted in early 2021 at a Housing & Development Board block in Tanjong Pagar Town Council.

Results of 4-week trial:

• Within the first week of treatment, the CnO Remover™ significantly reduced active cockroach infestations at the block by more than 75%

• Demonstrated residual efficacy with infestations over the subsequent three weeks kept at four-times lower than the pre-treatment condition.

• Overall, more than 80% reduction in 
cockroach infestation was observed by the end of trial period when compared with the infestation level prior to conducting the study.

The cost of treating bin chute systems with the CnO Remover™ is about the same as chemical pesticide fumigation but its lasting efficacy makes it more cost effective in the long run as less frequency is required, said ISOTeam.

In addition, it does not harm the environment nor cause water pollution.

ISOTeam estimates that there are about 100,000 bin chute systems, bin centres and transit centres in HDB estates.

The Group plans to target these HDB estates and also NEA markets and food centres islandwide.

AnthonyKoh1.19"With most of Singapore living in high-rise residential buildings with closed bin-chute systems, managing cockroach infestations and removing the unpleasant odours emanating from those systems has been a bug bear of every Town Council and every facilities maintenance company engaged to clean them. As a purveyor of green solutions for the built environment, ISOTeam is proud to bring this revolutionary new product to the market to solve these issues. Not only has the CnO Remover™ shown a great level of efficacy, but its non-toxic nature greatly reduces the harm that normal pesticides that contain high chemical content causes to the environment.” 

-- ISOTeam CEO Anthony Koh

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