Q1: How do I get a listing of the past posts of a specific forumer?

A: First click on the FORUM button at the top of our website. Then click SEARCH followed by..... (see graphic).


Q2: How do I search for all the stories already published on a particular stock?

A: In the SEARCH field, type in the name of the stock


Q3: I don't want the stories but just the forum posts on a particular stock. How do I get the posts only?

A: Repeat the step in Q2 above and then....(see graphic).


postpixetcQ5: How do I use bold or italics or underlining in my posts in the forum?

A: Type the simple codes (see graphic) to place before & after the text you want to format:

For codes for other formatting, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBCode

Q4: How do I post pictures in the forum?

A: This is doable only if the picture is already published on a website -- any website -- or you have uploaded it to picture-hosting websites such as Image Shack.

Right click on the picture and copy the URL. Type 
the simple codes (see graphic) to place before & after the URL of the picture you want to add to the forum.

Try it. The result is impactful. See this example

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