Fantastic Feet! These 18 beauties modeling Baofeng's latest casual footwear have been through rigorous stages to make it to the finals of the upcoming Miss Asia Pageant 2011... quite a feat! Photo: Andrew Vanburen

BAOFENG MODERN International Holdings Ltd (HK: 1211), China’s top casual footwear firm, got a helping “hand” from 18 Miss Asia Pageant 2011 contestants last week as the region’s most beautiful women strutted their stuff on a Hong Kong catwalk wearing Baofeng’s latest line of slippers and sandals.

NextInsight was there, camera in hand of course.

Good Company: Baofeng Modern CEO Chen Qingwei (left photo, center) poses with some of the Miss Asia contestants while Aries Consulting's Terence Wong (right photo) glams up with some of Baofeng's models.  Photos: Aries Consulting

As the official casual footwear supplier to the upcoming Pageant, the Hong Kong-listed firm -- along with media partner Asia TV – had a collective foot in the door to the marquis event by being able to host a luncheon at the Palace Restaurant smack in the heart of Hong Kong’s shopping mecca of Tsim Sha Tsui on bustling Nathan Road.

“We are honored and delighted to be a part of this grand Pageant tradition, and seeing this room full of our friends and supporters, as well as so many beautiful contestants, makes all the travel and preparations well worth it,” said Baofeng Modern CEO Chen Qingwei.

Miss Asia Pageant 2011 contestants sporting Baofeng's line of casual footwear.
Photos: Andrew Vanburen

Baofeng is no stranger to mixing with models, as NextInsight’s coverage of their flagship store opening in Hong Kong’s busiest shopping district – complete with video – can be seen here.

But the stunning women donning Baofeng’s Boree label line of casual footwear on the catwalk last week were anything but ordinary models, as one of them will very likely be crowned Miss Asia 2011.

Drawing Support: A Miss Asia contestant competes in the Baofeng footwear decorating contest.  Photo: Aries Consulting

Therefore, the young ladies making their way down the elevated walkway that stretched through a large hall of tables were certainly as much an attraction as the eye-catching line of Baofeng’s Spring/Summer casual footwear they wore.

And of course, to help the beauties prepare for the rigors of real-time judging, all 16 tables of onlookers were given the chance to vote for their favorite catwalk contestant.

The 18 contestants were also given a chance to rest their feet halfway through the event as the catwalk was transformed into an expansive easel with the young beauties sitting alongside, doing their best to decorate Baofeng’s Baoren line of casual footwear with a kaleidoscope of colored markers in a five-minute time period.

Therefore, some of the most beautiful women in Asia were finally given a chance to be judged on the beauty of their artwork rather than just their own physical attributes.

The afternoon then took a luxurious turn, with models taking to the catwalk to show off Baofeng's latest offerings crafted along with new partner -- global king of crystal Swarovski.

Baofeng recent price: 1.06 hkd

Finally, the event concluded with the sudden appearance of a group of professional models sporting Baofeng footwear emblazoned with the logos of all 30 National Basketball Association (NBA) teams.

This was thanks to Baofeng inking earlier this year of a joint promotional deal with the Association wherein Baofeng is licensed to imprint the team logos from all 30 NBA teams on their slippers and sandals, potentially making their wares even more attractive to a much larger demographic.

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寶峰時尚: 创造新的步行道


寶峰時尚國際控股有限公司作為本年度亞洲小姐競選大會指定時尚拖鞋供應商, 於2011年12月15日與香港亞洲電視聯合舉辦隆重的合作啟動儀式。


屆時, 寶峰時尚行政總裁陳慶偉先生亦蒞臨本次盛大典禮。

2011年亞洲小姐的18位候選佳麗親身演繹了寶人(Boree) 系列時尚拖/涼鞋, 在天橋上展示優雅魅力。


寶峰時尚是香港上市企業(1121.HK) ,亦是目前中國知名的時尚拖/涼鞋品牌,已與世界優質的水晶供應商施華洛世奇和美國職業籃球聯賽NBA結為戰略合作聯盟。



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